Netflix has postponed its hit series to August 2021

Fans are still waiting for the arrival of the fifth season of Lucifer, part two, more than five months after the first part aired and as far as it is known, the new installment will be aired soon.

Lucifer fans have been patiently waiting for news regarding the release date of season five, part two. Sadly they remain disappointed, with no news of a release date coming from Netflix.

The fifth season remains absent from the next Netflix release schedule for March 2021, a date that fans aspired to be able to see it, and there have been no further clues as to when the second part will hit the screens.

It is still unknown why Netflix has delayed the release date of the second part of Lucifer so much, but the delay could have something to do with the delays in post-production.

The series features extensive special effects that have been affected by delays related to COVID-19. With no sign of a release date, fans are beginning to suspect that the series will arrive a year after the first’s premiere.

The remaining eight episodes of Lucifer will also be released at the same time and sadly, it seems increasingly likely that fans will have an August 2021 release date.



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