Netflix has confirmed Destiny the Winx season 2!


A few weeks ago, Destiny the Winx Saga made its debut on Netflix. The platform has renewed the series for a season 2.

Netflix subscribers were able to see the episodes of Destiny the Winx saga a few weeks ago. The channel has just renewed the series for a season 2. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Bloom and her friends will be back soon! A few weeks ago, Netflix released a brand new series: Destiny the Winx Saga. The episodes are based on the famous cartoon about Bloom, a fairy. Fans were therefore able to see this adaptation where Bloom recently discovered his powers.

Thus, in the episodes, the pretty redhead finds herself in Alféa in a school for fairies. She meets Stella, Terra, Aisha and Musa and quickly befriends them. Still, Bloom struggles to control her powers and discovers that she is a changeling. So she wants to know her family history at all costs.

The first six episodes of Fate the Winx Saga were able to introduce the world of fairies and their powers. Then, the young girls especially had to fight against burned, evil creatures. However, it was Rosalind above all who made the audience tremble.

And for good reason, the big bad of the series killed Farah and now controls the school. So the fairies have cause for concern and Bloom is going to have to do anything to stop her. The six episodes on Netflix have starved fans who want more. Thus, the channel made a nice announcement that should delight everyone.

Netflix has just confirmed season 2 of Destiny the Winx saga!


The first season of Destiny the Winx saga on Netflix was not unanimous. Indeed, fans of the cartoon have not recognized some unpublished characters. Then they pointed to the dark universe of the show. Yet others loved it and the audiences seemed to have been convincing.

This Thursday, February 18, the channel put an end to the suspense. “Fate: The Winx Saga Season 2 Coming Soon,” the channel announced on Twitter with a teaser for the next season. Season 2 is slated to arrive in the coming months and the video is meant to be somewhat scary. Indeed, we can hear Rosalind’s voice there.

“I imagine they can’t wait to see what lies ahead,” she says as the number “2” appears in large print. In fact, showrunner Brian Young recently opened up about the sequel to the Netflix series. Destiny The Winx Saga will still focus on Bloom and her friends. Nonetheless, fans may soon see the arrival of new characters.

“I can’t wait for you to learn more about Aisha, Stella, Terra and Musa as Bloom’s story continues to evolve. And then you never know who could soon disembark in Alféa… ”, he said. However, we will have to wait long months before seeing season 2 …


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