Netflix has announced the movies watched by Omar Sy!


What does Lupine actor Omar Sy watch as series and movies on Netflix? We give you more details! The streaming giant, Netflix, unveils the films and series that Omar Sy watches!

He is one of the most famous French actors. Omar Sy returns to center stage with a new Netflix series, Lupine.

Since its release on January 8, the series has generated a lot of ink. And for good reason: it is a real success!

Thus, Netflix has unveiled the behind the scenes of its production. But also videos on the story of his legendary character.

Finally, the streaming giant is also interested in the production teams of the series. But also to its actors!

Thus, in an interview with the main actor of the series, we were able to discover a little more about Omar Sy. We now know what he’s watching when he’s on the streaming platform!


So we wondered who the actor was watching on Netflix. First of all, know that Omar Sy is like ordinary people.

The young actor has indeed watched Netflix a lot during confinement. He says he watched The Last Dance series.

He also watched The Lady’s Game “in one go”! “I whistled it, as they say,” admits the actor.

The character he adores in the series and El Professor from La Casa de Papel. He will add all the same that his dream character is still Lupine!

Omar Sy admits that the film The Professional by Jean-Paul Belmondo really marked him! He will also confide that when he was little he watched Starsky & Hutch.

The young man finally admits that he is not too much of a fan of the criminal series. Finally, he admits that a collaboration between El Professor and his character would have been very nice. “And then Tokyo for fun” confides the young man.


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