Netflix & Halftime Doc was supposed to capture J Lo at 50. Instead, the filmmakers got Hustler and the creation of an epic Super Bowl halftime show


It’s no secret that Jennifer Lopez has been a superstar for more than two decades. The multi-faceted artist conquered the world of dance, television, cinema, music, for a long time she was an icon of a curvy style, and people just can’t get enough, no matter what she does. So it makes sense that fans had a lot of feelings when they watched Halftime Lopez, a Netflix documentary that was released in early June, where the “Marry Me” star talked about how she achieved what she has today, which also focuses on her work in Hustlers. and her Super Bowl 2020 show with pole dancing. But it turns out that the documentary was originally supposed to be about Jay Lo at 50.

Why was the break focused only on J.Lo at 50 at the beginning?

Almost every successful and well-known performer who has been at the top of his career for many years is experiencing either a decline in his career, or a few questions “What’s next?” moments of their lives. And despite Jennifer Lopez’s seeming ubiquity, the same applies to her. Hiatus producer Dave Broom recently spoke about the film with The Hollywood Reporter and noted that one of those moments was when he became involved in the project, which means that some of the topics covered in the documentary were not even a factor when filming began.:

Hustlers are not on the table. And nothing that happened in her life that we have seen now for the last four years, we did not think to shoot.

Broome added that Halftime started coming together when Lopez was winding down her Las Vegas residency. J.Lo held court at the Zappos Theater in Planet Hollywood from January 2016 to the end of September 2018, which means that aside from knowing that Lopez would turn 50 next summer, Broome and the rest who worked on the documentary had no idea how big the next few were. the years were going to be for the famous multidefice. This resulted in an almost constant shift in focus when it came to what they needed to capture for the break. Broome continued:

It was a constant turnover [for four years]. You start with a sketch and say, “Here’s what we’re going to do.” And then suddenly: “What do you mean by the fact that she is currently filming this movie where she plays a stripper? What do you mean by a potential Oscar nomination?” The great thing about making a documentary is that it’s not a script, it’s real life. So when you follow him, you chase him, find him, and build a story along the way.

There are, of course, many documentaries that follow themes/themes to reflect a big event that has already happened, but if you start shooting a document that focuses on just “What is this person’s life like now?” I can only imagine that it would be great if everything happened the way it eventually happened in J.Lo’s life.

After she regularly appeared on our screens since her debut in 1991 as a flying girl in the TV series “In Living Color”, she received critical acclaim for her roles in films such as “Selena” and “Out of Sight”, and became a favorite novel of many movie lovers. com Queen, Lopez’s starring role as a stripper determined to get what she deserved for her hard work in Hustlers, led to the biggest Oscar buzz she’s ever received.

Although Lopez did not receive an Oscar nomination (and she admitted that “it was a bite”), she was also attracted to the role of headlining the show in the halftime of the 2020 Super Bowl with Shakira, where the duo hit the headlines thanks to their performances. This is not to mention the fact that in the spring of 2021, Lopez revived her romance with her ex (and now once again the bride) Ben Affleck (and Affleck also appears in “Break”). As expected, the result of all this activity in Lopez’s life forced Broome and his team back to the drawing board for their film. Broome said:

I can’t tell you how many edits we had. It’s like, “Okay, here’s the movie.” “Oh wait, it’s not that movie because it just happened.” “And here’s the movie.” “Oh, wait, that’s not it.”

In the end, of course, we got a much more interesting look at Jennifer Lopez’s life in between halves due to the whirlwind of the last four years. And I doubt many of her fans are disappointed with the results.