Netflix Gets Random Button That Plays Series or Movies


Netflix: On Wednesday (28), Netflix announced the launch of the “Random Titles” button, which, as the name suggests, will take the subscriber to a movie, series or documentary chosen at random. The option will not be 100% random, as it will take into account the person’s preferences.

According to the streaming giant, the function also offers “Watch another title”. In this case, the following will be suggested:

A new series or movie.
A series or movie that the subscriber is already watching.
A series or movie from the subscriber list.
A series or movie that the subscriber has not finished watching and may want to resume.

The Random Titles button is located below the profile name, in the 10th row of the platform’s homepage, and also on the left side of the navigation menu.

Users using screen readers will also be able to take advantage of the tool, which is compatible with text-to-speech (TTS). To use the tool, the person needs to go to the accessibility area, in the Help Center, and check how to activate the function on the TV or Netflix application.


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