Netflix gets a new look in the web version


Netflix changed the look of the catalog of films and series on the web version. The change left the layout of the programs cleaner on the screen and with smoother strokes, highlighting the posters of the productions. The player displayed while streaming the videos, however, was not affected. For now, the new design is not available in streaming apps for Android phones, iPhone (iOS) or smart TVs.

The redesign was noticed and reported by the BGR website on August 31, but it remains to be seen whether the change is part of a test or whether it will be definitively applied to users’ accounts. According to the international press, the novelty can be noticed in accounts of the United States and other countries. TechTudo had access to the new look here in Brazil. Sought by the report, Netflix did not explain the redesign until the publication of this article.

The changes are subtle, but users will notice that there is something different. When the cursor rests on a title, the small card containing production information is now cleaner, with simple data and the play icon. When increasing this card, a larger card is displayed over the main catalog, showing the synopsis, duration, enlarged poster, as well as episodes and seasons, in the case of series.

Before the redesign, this information was displayed on a specific page for each production, where the user could browse through tabs such as “trailers”, “episodes” and “scenes”. From now on, all information is displayed on the same card, just slide the screen to find what you want. The options to add to the list, like or dislike continue to appear next to the name of the attraction.

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Another change is that the main information card shows suggestions for titles similar to the one chosen to watch. Recommendations are displayed on posters placed side by side. At the bottom of the card, there is complete technical information, such as cast, gender and age classification in detail.


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