Netflix: Free movies you can watch without registering


Payment and required to register previously. This is how Netflix works and all the on-demand content platforms, which require a fee to be able to access their large content catalogs of series, movies (own or licensed), documentaries, shows, etc. But Netflix, not the first but the pioneer in popularizing VOD services in the face of the already outdated traditional TV model, decided last year to implement a different measure: to offer free things.

Netflix content for free and without registering

The model that began testing in 2019 offers a sample of what Netflix has to offer, in the form of a limited number of series and original films that anyone can watch not only for free, but also without having to register. And we are not only talking about the first chapter in the case of a series, but about complete seasons. A model that has finally arrived in our country, because from today Netflix Spain offers you a sample of its catalog for free and without having to make an account beforehand.

To be able to see one of these episodes or movies, you just have to enter this link enabled on the Netflix website, choose the content and click on ‘Watch now’. Below you have the complete list of the 10 free contents:


Stranger things

Following the disappearance of a boy, a town unravels a mystery involving secret experiments, terrifying supernatural forces and a very strange girl.


When three working-class youths enroll in an exclusive private high school, the differences between them and the wealthy students will lead to murder.

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The Boss Baby: Back to Work
In this animated series based on the movie, Boss Baby takes his older brother Tim to the office to teach him the art of business.

So they see us

Five Harlem teens are caught in a nightmare when they are wrongly accused of a brutal attack in Central Park. Based on real events.

Love is blind

Nick and Vanessa Lachey present this social experiment where single men and women seek love and get engaged … before meeting in person!

Our planet

An exceptional documentary that invites you to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of planet Earth and to reflect on the impact of global warming on its inhabitants.

Grace and frankie

Their husbands have left them to marry each other, a rare bond that unites the orderly Grace and the eccentric Frankie in this Emmy-nominated series.


Criminals at Sea

During a long-awaited trip to Europe, a New York cop and his wife try to solve a mysterious murder aboard a billionaire’s yacht.


Five years after an invisible presence drives almost the entire society to suicide, a survivor and her two children desperately search for a way to save themselves.

The Two Popes

At a key moment for the Catholic Church, Pope Benedict XVI starts a


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