Netflix fired from promoting Pieces of a Woman!


Shia LaBeouf was ousted from the promotion of the Netflix movie he is starring in “Pieces of a woman”. Shia LaBeouf will not be promoting his new film, Pieces of a woman. Indeed, the American was dismissed by the feature film crew. We explain to you.

Indeed, the controversial actor recently received serious assault charges against his former wife. FKA Twings. The American singer has filed a complaint against the actor.

The latter was therefore withdrawn from the campaign of the film Pieces of a Woman. The feature film is available from January. He is eagerly awaited by the fans. But also criticism. The trailer was unveiled a few days ago on social media. And the fans are impatient.

The two main characters of the film are therefore Shia LaBeouf. At his side, the actor gives the answer to the actress of The Crown, Vanessa Kirby.


IndieWire outlet reveals that it was following the publication of the New York Times article in which singer FKA Twings details the violence received by her ex that the production decided to put Shia on the sidelines. Literally as figuratively.

Unlike Vanessa Kirby, Shia LaBeouf therefore no longer appears in the Netflix film summary. And many fans have noticed.

A decision which therefore puts the actor in an embarrassment. But also the whole team of the film Pieces of a woman.

The singer and ex of Robert Pattinson claimed that the actor then assaulted the singer. The scene took place near a gas station as she tried to flee.

She said: “He was driving very recklessly, taking off his seat belt and threatening to have an accident,” she said. Confidences that are cold in the back.

In a series of tweets, FKA Twings also explained that she was “emotionally hurt by Shia”. She doesn’t hesitate to call him a “pathological liar” just that. Atmosphere.


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