Netflix finally unveils the trailer for To All the Boys 3!


The trailer for “To All the Boys 3” is released today. Netflix is ​​the delight of fans. For several months now, “To All the Boys” fans have been eager to discover the new adventures of the Netflix star couple. The trailer for the third and final part is then unveiled. “To all the boys 3” sounds very eventful.

If you’ve watched the first two installments of the romantic comedy, then you know that Lara Jean and Peter’s love story is very tumultuous. We love !

Indeed, since August 2018 Netflix shares the story of these two lovers. Between joys, hesitations and heartaches, comedy seems to speak to many adolescents.

The two lovers, played by Lana Condor and Noah Centineo, appeared in “To All the Boys I’ve Loved” and then in “To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You”. And they made us all fall for it.

In this second installment, Lara Jean officially becomes Peter’s girlfriend despite a difficult start. But that doesn’t mean their romance gets simple.

Fans of the rosewater saga quickly became attached to the two characters. Moreover, they see the release of the third film as an event not to be missed.

Fans of the series wonder what Lara Jean and Peter’s stories follow. Netflix then unveils the trailer for the last part.


Fans of the saga are eager to know the rest of the adventures of handsome Peter and his darling. Netflix then seems determined to make them happy. And for good reason, the release date and the trailer are unveiled. Eh yes !

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The third part: “To all the boys: Forever and forever” is already long awaited. It seems more moving than ever. And that’s not to displease fans of romantic comedies.

Indeed, with the trailer of the last film in the saga Netflix is ​​increasing everyone’s impatience. We can’t wait to discover the continuation of Lara Jean and Peter’s loves.

Yesterday Netflix unveiled a teaser of the blockbusters slated for 2021. The announcement of the release of “To All the Boys: Forever and Forever” has not escaped everyone’s notice.

Lara Jean enjoys her vacation in Korea with her family before returning to high school. Accompanied by her friends and her boyfriend, the young teenager is about to experience her very hectic final year of high school.

Exceptional prom, university enrollment, the teenager is therefore about to live a year full of emotions.

But will the two lovers manage to maintain their relationship in two different universities? The trailer then leaves room for doubt. Do not panic ! Netflix will meet you on February 12. To be continued..


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