Netflix finally unveils the Princess of Chicago 2 trailer!


The Princess of Chicago 2: Being a Queen is coming to Netflix soon! We’ll give you more details. Netflix announces the upcoming release of The Princess of Chicago sequel!

“Prepare for the sequel to The Princess of Chicago: In the Skin of a Queen” can be read on the Instagram post of the Netflix France account. In addition to publishing the trailer for the upcoming film, the platform is meeting its subscribers on November 19 to discover the sequel to its romantic comedy.

The news is timely. With confinement, winter and Christmas approaching, we couldn’t ask for better!

Remember that the 1st film was released on November 16, 2018 on Netflix and had delighted subscribers. In fact, The Princess of Chicago was a real success at the time.

Vanessa Hudgens, the star of the film, was already talking about a possible sequel. Now it’s more than sure, Duchess Margaret and Stacy are back, with one more surprise!


Thus, after the success of this first part of the Christmas film, Netflix invites us to discover the rest. And in The Princess of Chicago 2 we discover that there will be a 3rd lookalike.

Vanessage Hudgens will indeed play 3 roles. “3 from me? Me, myself and me! She said with great enthusiasm. The young actress finds it “fun and stimulating”.

So you will understand, in the sequel to the Netflix film a new character makes his entry. A third Vanessa Hudgens lookalike who isn’t here to make life easy for the other two!

Fiona, the 3rd double is therefore quite different from the other two. Indeed, she is a party girl who risks jeopardizing the Duchess and Stacy’s plans.

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A light and humorous film for the fast approaching Christmas period. To be discovered on November 19 on Netflix!


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