Netflix Finally a Shutdown Option for an Annoying Feature


“Are you still watching?” Netflix offers for those who often fall asleep on TV. Testing off option for feature. It is not known when the tests will be completed and the feature will be available.

Netflix, one of the world’s most popular online movie and TV series broadcasting platforms, promises its subscribers to have a pleasant time with its wide content library, and tries to take the pleasure of watching to a higher level with the features it offers. Netflix has features that basically seem to be user-friendly but are just as annoying, and one of these features is the question “Are you still watching?”

If you have “Auto-play next episode” enabled on your Netflix account and you watched two episodes of a series in a row without interacting with the video player, Netflix will display “Are you still watching …?” In the second minute of the next episode. It asks you whether you want to continue watching by showing a warning.

Netflix’s purpose of this feature, which seems to be especially beneficial for those who fall asleep in front of the TV, is, “The reason we ask this question is to make sure you don’t lose your place or use unnecessary internet data if you don’t really watch. and basically serves the benefit of the user.

However, not everyone falls asleep while watching Netflix. “Are you still watching …?” A warning in the form can be extremely annoying. Especially if the remote is not in a place that we can reach at once.

Social media posts by some Netflix subscribers and Netflix, according to information The Verge confirmed to a Netflix spokesperson, is the annoying “Are you still watching …?” testing option to turn off alert. Since testing is considered to be conducted regionally, “Are you still watching …?” You can continue to see the warning.

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In fact, Netflix says, “Are you still watching …?” He says there is one way to avoid the warning: Turn off the auto-play next chapter feature. This time, you will always have to manually switch between episodes of the series you watch.


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