Netflix fell behind its rival!


Competition among digital content platforms has become quite hot recently. Netflix; While it was the most downloaded broadcast application in many countries, it lagged behind its competitor in America. Disney Plus has passed Netflix and has become the most downloaded digital streaming platform in the USA.

Disney Plus surpassed Netflix and became the most downloaded app
Until recently, Disney’s comic book adaptation content was meeting with users as Netflix original production. But afterwards, the company, which created its own platform under the name Disney Plus, rivaled Netflix.

The platform, which is the most downloaded application in its category in the USA, ranked 7th globally.

Other notable applications of the category; While Youtube ranks 4th in the U.S. and 39.4 million downloads globally, Amazon Prime is 5th in the U.S. and 3rd in the world. Netflix is ​​still at the top of the list in the global evaluation, with 59.1 million downloads.

COVID-19 increased traffic
As expected, the Corona virus outbreak also increased the traffic of these applications. According to this report, the number of downloads announced, traffic increased by 30.7 percent last March.

As it is known, some streaming platforms such as Netflix have taken measures to reduce the quality of the video so that this stream does not cause any problems.

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