Netflix: fans tortured by the movie “Mulholland Drive”!


New buzz for Netflix! Fans are tortured by the new movie “Mulholland Drive” and demand an explanation! New buzz for Netflix! Fans are tortured by the new movie “Mulholland Drive” and demand an explanation of the plot!

A real success of the 2000s, the film Mulholland Drive has just landed on Netflix! Septic, fans wonder about the plot …

“Never understood despite 3 or 4 more views, thinking about it even afterwards, I did not understand. “Or” I never understood anything about this film “. I find it really good otherwise. »Comment the Internet users.

Don’t panic, Netflix has thought of everything! Indeed, a few hours ago a post offered us some explanation: “Love it or hate it, David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive rarely leaves you unmoved. It’s now available on Netflix, so check it out, and if you haven’t got it all, come back to this post (full of spoilers!) For more explanation. ”

Netflix then continues: “A real conundrum, Lynch’s film has left many puzzled. Its creator describes it simply as “a love story in the city of dreams”, but we are far from romantic comedy, and closer to psychological thriller. ”


Unsurprisingly, Netflix subscribers want to know more about the meaning of Mulholland Drive!

Fan favorite theory? Everything takes place in a dream: “from the start, the camera sinks into a red pillow, taking us from the real world to that of dreams. ”

Netflix therefore explains to us: “Three quarters of the films, where” Betty “tries to help the woman she loves and rushes into a mysterious hunt, would in reality only be an illusion imagined by the unconscious of Diane. At the end of Mulholland Drive, in an absolute haze where plans are linked, we learn that she is in fact a failed actress, jealous of her former girlfriend, whom she has decided to have murdered. Gnawed by remorse, she dreams of another reality (the first part of the film) while sleeping. Upon awakening, she realizes that she cannot live with what she has done, and decides to kill herself. ”

Real puzzle, this film gives us a hard time! A little advice from Netflix? “You have to love impossible puzzles, and if you do, a second – or third – viewing should add to your list of theories and clues. Good hunt ! “