Netflix: discover all the codes of the hidden categories!


We finally know how to access the hidden categories of the Netflix catalog! We reveal everything to you. Here’s how to access the hidden categories in the Netflix catalog!

The Netflix streaming platform is therefore very successful. Indeed, the streaming giant is doing everything to retain its subscribers. Eh yes.

Thus, there is a very complete catalog of films and series. Eh yes. What to find happiness.

But if you think you’ve seen it all on Netflix, you’d be wrong! Indeed, there are even hidden categories. Eh yes !

And with the curfew at 6 p.m., we would indeed like to find programs to watch to fill our long evenings. Eh yes !

To access it, you must still have certain codes. Don’t panic, we’ll tell you everything!


So, Netflix has not finished surprising us! Indeed, the catalog of the streaming platform has not yet revealed all its secrets. We love.

Fortunately for us, we know how to access its hidden categories! For that you need codes. That will then be added to the site link.

But first, you have to take the following steps. In your browser, go to the Netflix site first. Then you just have to type

And we are sure that now you will find what you are looking for. Indeed, thanks to this trick, we can discover categories that we do not usually see.

For example to watch a Reality TV program we will put the code 9833. For western films for example, we will add 7700 at the end of the link.

This new tip will surely change your life! Moreover, RTL has unveiled all the codes of the subcategories of the platform.

To discover them, just click here. Now that you know how, it’s your turn to play and discover the platform’s hidden movies!


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