Netflix decides “The Lady’s Game” Season 2!


The Netflix streaming platform speaks on the sequel to the Lady’s Game. We give you more details! Will there be a Lady’s Game season 2? Netflix speaks out!

Will the new Netflix series have a sequel? That’s the question fans of The Queen’s Gambit are asking themselves.

The news has fallen and it is final. No, there won’t be a season 2 for the show.

Fans will therefore not be able to discover the rest of Beth Harmon’s life. Yet the series is a real success.

Indeed, it is in the Top 10 in France. Suffice to say that Netflix subscribers really enjoyed this series.

In fact, the chess scenes from The Lady’s Game are very realistic. According to the experts’ opinion.


So Netflix subscribers liked the series so much that they wondered if there was going to be a second season. And the answer is no!

But the streaming platform still took the time to explain its decision to fans. Which doesn’t really come back to him.

Indeed, according to Netflix, the series is a mini-series and cannot be sequeled. It is in the tone of humor that the platform announces the news.

“Mini-series: female name. A series whose history spans a single season. It is not intended to have more. Can we read on the Twitter post published by the French account of the platform. This cannot be clearer.

Twitter users elsewhere have mixed opinions on this news. If some really hoped for a sequel to The Lady’s Game, many would settle for just one season.

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“It’s frustrating not having a sequel but at the same time making a series that took a season last, it’s awful. »Writes a subscriber. So stopping on a good note is not such a bad idea. Case closed.


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