Netflix: David Fincher signed a 4-year contract!


According to Journal du Geek, director and thriller master David Fincher has just signed a 4-year exclusive contract with Netflix

Fortunately, during this period of confinement Netflix exists. Indeed, thanks to the streaming platform, we can spend our days watching films and series thanks to the multitude of creations offered. By the way, did you know that among these, those of David Fincher should arrive soon?

Everyone already knows that Fight Club or Seven have already had their place. Or that Mindhunter and House of Cards were made by the master of the thriller. But for 4 years, all future projects of this one should be found on the platform.

Indeed, the Journal du Geek has just announced that Netflix had just signed a contract with the director. Something to please all fans of it, but also all those who spend their time in front of films and series.

These same people who must have been in heaven when they learned that season 3 of Umbrella Academy was about to begin filming. Or that the script for the first episode of Stranger Things season 4 had just been released.

In short, Netflix knows how to please its customers and this collaboration with David Fincher should increase that “love” even more.


A first teaser of this “featuring” has already emerged on the Web. Indeed, the teaser of Mank was seen published on the networks. If some wonder what it is, Geek’s Journal gave the answer:

“A biographical film about the life of screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz. Known, above all, for having worked on this monument of cinema that is Citizen Kane. This is what the first collaboration between Netflix and Fincher will be about.

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David Fincher announces four-year partnership with Netflix

A film he doesn’t rely on just any script. Still according to the media, he would have been inspired by that of his father, Jack Fincher, written in 1990. A way for him to pay tribute no doubt.

It remains to be seen when this project will see the light of day on Netflix. In the meantime, we can always redo the director’s nuggets.


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