Netflix: Dave Chapelle’s Comedy Special Generates Controversy on Netflix


Netflix: According to Deadline, Netflix has suspended an employee in recent days after she took a stand on their social networks against Dave Chapelle’s speeches in The Closer, a comedy special released recently by streaming.

Since its release, the production has been heavily criticized after Chapelle made a series of comments considered transphobic.

Thus, Terra Field positioned itself on her Twitter account, regretting that Netflix has let this happen and that the special was made available to millions of people around the world. Shortly thereafter, according to Deadline, Field would have been suspended from the company.

Although the platform has released a statement stating that it has not suspended any collaborators for their positions, Field continues to manifest on his social network, keeping his story told.

In addition, Ted Sarandos, co-CEO of Netflix, spoke out about the controversy and said he did not think about a removal of the platform’s title. “You should also be aware that some employees may team up with a third party to ask us to remove the show in the next few days, which we won’t,” he wrote in a memo.

Netflix back

After a few days, Netflix apparently reversed the employee’s suspension and reinstated her on the company’s team. On her Twitter, the employee who criticized comedian Dave Chapelle commented: “Netflix reinstated me after understanding that there were no bad intentions […]. I’ll take a few days off to understand how I feel. At least, I feel justified. “.

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