Netflix: Dash & Lily series and 20 titles coming to the air


The time has come! If you still don’t know what to watch on Netflix this weekend, it’s time to discover the main movies and series that come to streaming starting today (6). There are several productions that you cannot miss.

To start, we highlight the teen series Dash & Lily, a romantic comedy based on the books Dash & Lily’s Books of Dares, written by David Levithan and Rachel Cohn. The series will have 8 episodes, promising to thrill and amuse Netflix subscribers.

Also worth noting are the premieres of the action series The Liberator, of the reality show Nasce Uma Rainha, with singer Gloria Groove, and of the film When Life Happens, original from Netflix.

Check below the complete list of news on the platform. Titles and dates may change by the company.

See also what arrived on Netflix last week: What’s Left Behind and 54 more titles are streaming.

To find out what’s next, see what’s coming in November on Netflix.

Netflix Agenda November 6-12

Today’s premieres (6)

(2020) Moremi’s Lesson (original Nigerian film)
(2020) Country Forever (original series)
(2020) Women’s Revenge
(2016) The Late Bloomer

Netflix new series and movies

(2020) Operation Ecstasy (season 2 – original series – 11/09)
(2020) Dash & Lily (original series – 10/11)
(2020) Luccas Neto in: The Treasure Map (10/11)
(2006) One Lion a Day (10/11)
(2020) Zé Coleta (original animation – 10/11)
(2020) Aunty Donna: Shack of Fun (original series – 11/11)
(2020) Justice in Judgment (original documentary – 11/11)
(2020) A Queen is born (original series – 11/11)
(2020) When Life Happens (original film – 11/11)
(2020) The Liberator (original series – 11/11)
(2020) Graceful Friends (11/12)
(2018) Jurassic World: Threatened Kingdom (11/11)
(2020) Ludo (original Indian film – 12/11)
(2020) The Beginning of Life 2: Outside (11/11)

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Titles that return to Netflix

(2015) The Hunger Games: Hope – The End (11/11)
(2014) The Hunger Games: Hope – Part 1 (07/11)
(2013) The Hunger Games: On Fire (11/07)


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