Netflix: “Dash & Lily” is finally online!


Netflix releases its romantic Christmas series! Her name ? Dash & LIly. And if you like this style of atmosphere you will be won over!

Netflix has just released a new Christmas product! The platform has just released the latest romantic Christmas series based on the TV movie vibe. Her name ? Dash & Lily. And we feel that we are going to love this new little gem.

Do you like romantic comedies? You are in the right place. Every month, Netflix releases new holiday-themed movies and series. So after “A Gift from the Sky” and “Holidate”, it’s Dash & Lily’s turn.

And in the trailer, we see everything we love about these TV movies. Love, humor and lots of good feelings. The story is rather simple, Lily is a young girl who adores Christmas. She begins an epistolary relationship using a notebook in a bookstore.

But Dash is rather cynical to him, he hates these parties. Each in turn, they will challenge each other to get to know each other better. They will then realize that they have more in common than they think. And the romance will start little by little.


Of course, what would a Christmas TV movie be without a love affair? In this story signed Netflix, the two teenagers will fall in love. But only one fear inhabits them: to meet the other in real life. Because from the start they only communicated in writing!

This Netflix series has 8 episodes of 30 minutes. And she devours herself as quickly as Emily in Paris! So we advise you to sit down with a good hot chocolate in front of Dash & Lily. Good mood guaranteed after viewing.

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And for those who are waiting for the next Christmas movies they shouldn’t be long! This week, the 13th, new movies will be released on Netflix. And the week after too! You will be spoiled.


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