Netflix Dahmer Faces O.F. Journalism Complaint Form and Crew Member As She Remains #1 Streaming Series


Dahmer the Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” has made a big impression since it debuted last month as part of the 2022 TV schedule. At the time of writing, the Ryan Murphy-created limited series is the #1 popular TV show on Netflix and has caused a lot of buzz on social media. This attention, however, is not only positive, as the show has received a number of detractors. Among them is a veteran journalist who covered the Dahmer case many years ago, and a member of the show’s crew.

The journalist in question is Ann E. Schwartz, who worked at the Milwaukee Journal as a crime reporter when the Jeffrey Dahmer murders became known in the early 90s. Schwartz disagrees with the show because he believes it requires an “artistic license” when it comes to important aspects of the situation. Schwartz’s recent comments seem to indicate that she is aware of the discourse surrounding the recently released show. At the same time, she would like to tell critics that the tragic chain of events “did not necessarily turn out that way.” She further claimed that one of the first alleged inaccuracies occurs during the first few minutes of the first episode. According to her, Glenda Cleveland (played by Nisi Nash in the series) was not really Dahmer’s neighbor.:

In a conversation with The Independent, Ann E. Schwartz pointed out another specific detail that allegedly does not correspond to reality. In Dahmer, the police investigating the case are portrayed as racists and homophobes. Schwartz, who spent a lot of time with the cops, said that’s not the case:

As the debate about the accuracy of the show flared up, another dispute arose regarding the creation of the production. On the eve of the series’ debut, production assistant Kim Alsup posted tweets in which she talked about her alleged experience on set. Alsup claimed she was “treated horribly” and that because she was one of two black crew members on set, she was regularly mistaken for a colleague. As for the situation, he specifically told The Los Angeles Times:

Kim Alsup, who has also worked on shows such as “Anatomy of Passion” and “Dear White People,” called the experience “exhausting” and said at the time that she had no plans to watch the show. Alsup said that “the trailer itself caused [her] post-traumatic stress disorder,” which is why “she ended up writing this tweet and [she] didn’t think anyone would read it.” PA also claims that there was no mental health counselor on the set. According to The LA Times, Netflix has not commented on her statements, although a representative said that all members of the film crew have access to a licensed therapist, as well as other resources.

In addition to these allegations, the series has received mostly mixed or negative reviews from critics. Meanwhile, Dahmer’s lead cast member, Evan Peters, caused a violent reaction from commentators on social media because of his performance. The show also caused outrage because it used the LGBTQ+ genre tag on Netflix, which eventually removed that label. As the discussion continues, the question arises whether the streamer and creatives of the show will officially respond to statements about inaccuracy and toxic conditions in the workplace.

However, those who are curious can watch “Dahmer the Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” using a Netflix subscription.


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