Netflix criticizes the dubbing of the anime series


Laura Gallego shares an official statement in which she shows her dissatisfaction with the Castilian dubbing of the anime that adapts her novels.

Yesterday we echoed the first trailer of Memories of Idhún, the new anime series created in Spain for Netflix that adapts the homonymous novels of the author Laura Gallego, also confirming its premiere date on that platform. Hours after the announcement, the author herself has issued an official statement in which she criticizes the Spanish dubbing that can be heard in the trailer, showing her dissatisfaction with the decisions made by the producer and the unexpected change of actors and actresses against your wishes.

Actors without dubbing experience

Thus, the writer has published a statement through her website in which she regrets the decision of the producer to have unexpectedly changed the actors and dubbing actresses already chosen by others without experience:

“In the fall of 2018, a casting was held between professional voice actors to play the characters of the anime series Memories of Idhún, in its Spanish version. I was allowed to participate in the final selection of this casting and we had already chosen the cast of voice actors who would voice the characters. Some time later, and unexpectedly, some of these actors were replaced by others without experience in dubbing, ”says the author of the novels.

“I want to clarify that from the first moment my wish was that all the characters in the series were played by actors specialized in dubbing. Those responsible for the series had other preferences regarding dubbing in Spanish and it was their criteria that prevailed at the end. Therefore I would like to state that these specific voices are not the ones I had imagined for my characters, ”concludes Laura Gallego, thus showing total disagreement with the current situation with the Netflix anime.

Among the main cast of dubbing actors and actresses we find Itzán Escamilla, Michelle Jenner, Nico Romero, Sergio Mur and Carlos Cuevas, Michelle Jenner being the only one of said selection with extensive experience in dubbing both in animated series and in vid


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