Netflix Continues To Improve The Offline Viewing Experience


Netflix continues to improve the offline viewing experience. Netflix continues to accompany its users on long plane journeys or on the subway with its offline viewing feature. However, sometimes the experience may be interrupted due to the fact that a content cannot be completely downloaded to the device.

To prevent such a situation, Netflix has also made it possible to watch partially downloaded content offline. However, in order to take advantage of this opportunity, it is necessary to have an Android phone or tablet for now.

The offline viewing feature came to Netflix in 2016. Thanks to this feature, it was possible to benefit from the opportunities of Netflix even when there was no internet connection. This feature can save lives, especially for those who live in places where mobile internet connection is not very good.

Netflix has been improving the download experience ever since. Features such as deleting watched episodes and automatically downloading new ones were also offered to users. Netflix has also implemented the feature of algorithmically predicting and downloading the content that users will like a while ago.

When users reconnect to the internet, they will see a reminder notification to complete the unfinished download. Netflix will bring this feature, which it has prepared to improve the offline viewing experience, to the iOS application in the coming months.


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