Netflix Confirms “Umbrella Academy” Season 3!


The last season of Umbrella Academy left more than one hungry for more. Can we hope for a 3rd for the Netflix series? it seems so!

Will Netflix soon expand its catalog with new seasons of our programs? Obviously, yes! So you do well wait, Umbrella Academy will be entitled to its 3rd season! Great, right?

While Umbrella Academy Season 2 ended with a taste of too little. We can say it, the show-runners clearly left us unsatisfied.

If some still have it in their throats, Netflix will make them happy, for it. Yes, the series will have new episodes!

Thus, a third season of Umbrella Academy seems well and truly in the pipeline. Adapted from a graphic novel, this intriguing series knows how to keep us going.

Netflix has put the means for this colorful superhero show. Vanya, Alison, Diego, Five and all the others still have many (mis) adventures to live.

As a reminder, Umbrella Academy evokes the fate of 7 brothers and sisters, adopted by a single man, all endowed with superpowers. All seven were born on the same day, at the same time as 36 others.


While the first season, broadcast on Netflix, more or less saved them from the apocalypse, the second season took them on a journey through time.

Transported to a completely different era, in the 1970s, the band had to start over. All of them have lived a new life, each on their own, before meeting again.

While some like Alison have had to deal with the uninhibited racism of segregation, others like Klaus and Vanya have (re) found love. And that’s not all !

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Diego met one of their own, Lila, and Five faced a whole different version of him… In the meantime, the group was able to return to their time, but their time travel was not without consequences. …

This time around, Netflix has just teased the release of the 3rd season, through an image worthy of a meme. “Like a desire to go to the future,” commented the community manager of the Instagram page.

So it’s official: Umbrella Academy is coming back… When? At the moment, we don’t know. Nevertheless, we know from a reliable source that the series is extended!


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