Netflix Confirms Spotify Series for 2022


Netflix: The story of the creation of Spotify, one of the most popular music streams of the moment, will be told in a new fictional series from Netflix, which revealed details of the production this Monday (14). The attraction will be inspired by the book Spotify Untold, by authors Sven Carlsson and Jonas Leijonhufvud.

In the plot, which will be divided into six episodes, each lasting 45 minutes, we’ll see how young Swedish manager Daniel Ek shook up the music industry. With the help of partners, he launched a free and legal music streaming platform at the height of piracy.

According to Netflix, it’s a story about how hard convictions, relentless will and big dreams can help “small players” challenge the status quo, referring to the revolution sparked by Spotify. The service launched in October 2008, causing concern among artists, record labels and tech giants.

One of the names that most opposed the then recently launched Swedish music streaming was Apple co-creator Steve Jobs, who even tried to prevent the platform’s debut in the United States. Although likely, the participation of the character Jobs in the new series has not yet been confirmed.


With no set date, Netflix’s new series on Spotify has its premiere confirmed for 2022, with direction by Per-Olav Sørensen and script by Christian Spurrier. The company also revealed some of the actors already slated to participate in the production.

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek will be played on the show by Edvin Endre, known for his appearance on Vikings, while Christian Hillborg will play the co-founder of the service Martin Lorentzon. Ulf Stenberg will give life to former Universal Music director Per Sundin.

Actress Gizem Erdogan will appear as Petra Hansson, responsible for creating the service’s business models and the division between categories, and Joel Lützow will be the former CTO of the Andreas Ehn platform.


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