Netflix commemorates basketball player Tony Parker!


Since 9 a.m. this morning, the documentary on Tony Parker is finally available on Netflix. But what is he really going to talk about?

Basketball fans were treated to a nugget a few months ago with the report on legend Michael Jordan. But in a few minutes, they will be treated to a new Netflix documentary on French basketball legend Tony Parker.

Indeed, the platform bought the document produced by Alessandra Sublet and directed by Charlotte Altschul. The whole thing, produced by Florent Bodin, as L’Equipe notes. If this name is unknown to you, know that it is the origin of Gims and K Benzema.

But this time around, it was indeed the first Frenchman to win the NBA championship that he wanted to devote himself to. We can also thank the host of TF1 for this new gem that Netflix has acquired. Indeed, Florent Bodin explains:

“Alessandra Sublet pushed to make this docu. Tony (Parker) also has a good relationship with Black Dynamite who had made a movie about his friend Teddy Riner. She had also worked on the doc for TMC but these are two very different projects. With almost the same teams working there. ”

Florent Bodin on the differences between last year’s TMC doc and today’s on Netflix:

“The first film was really a documentary to present the life of Tony Parker. And the other is aimed at a more international audience. The films are not very alike. The challenge here was to talk about this story known in France to the whole world. ”


Discovering the work done by the French team, the streaming platform would not have hesitated for a single second to buy the project. In any case, this is what Florent Bodin assures:

“They bought it turnkey. GIMS was a Netflix product. We had a lot more discussion about how the film was finished. With an editorial look from Netflix ”. The latter, then adding that TP’s life may change in the future:

“He’s starting a second or even a third life. ESPN reporter Marc Spears says one day he could take the lead at Spurs. Maybe he’s even more ambitious and even wants to buy out a franchise? We can still tell stories about Tony Parker ”.

It remains to be seen whether TP will see himself at the head of his own NBA team in the years to come? For now, we will be able to observe his life “from before” thanks to Netflix and the team behind the project.


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