Netflix charges you for the first month


Since last year, Netflix eliminated its free trial period, so it was no longer possible to try the service for free for 1 month as before. But this elimination was in some countries and not in others. Which countries still have 30 days completely free? Which not?

Goodbye to the Netflix free trial

The list is huge, and it is best to enter this link and look for the country where you live next to the phrase ‘Viewing information at this time for’. For example Portugal and Gibraltar have the free period too, but France does not. And places like the United States had it until a few days ago. In Latin American territory they are not doing very well in this aspect either, because for example Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Mexico or Colombia do not have the proof either.

If you enter this link on the Netflix help website, with the country of Spain marked in the box, in the paragraph of ‘About free trials’ it reads that these “are not currently offered in your country. To start your new subscription, you just have to go to, choose the plan and the payment option that best suits you, enter your email, set a password and start enjoying ”.

Second month free on Netflix

Netflix has announced that it has decided to “completely eliminate the trial period for new subscribers.” Instead, it turns out that it will offer “the second month free.” As we can read in Europa Press, the platform now offers the second free month for new subscribers, as explained on its website – if it does not appear, it may be because you have already used that free period before.

Another promotion that seems to be testing the VOD platform in Spain is having everything included in the standard subscription for the first 30 days, but at the price of the basic one, when selecting the latter. Or 1 month of premium subscription at the price of the standard if this is chosen.

1 month of Netflix for € 0.05

As a spokesperson for the VOD service pointed out last August, they are currently “reviewing various promotions in Spain to attract new members and offer them a great Netflix experience.” Therefore, and as if this were a lottery, you can open Netflix Spain and find several offers. The new ones above, or those known from other months:

– Netflix 1 month at € 0.05
– Netflix 1 month at € 0.99
– Netflix 1 month at € 3.99
– Netflix 1 month without initial offer


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