Netflix CEO Defends Cuties


Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos stated that the Cuties movie was shown on the big screen in Europe without any discussion, and it was surprising that the censorship of storytelling was discussed in the USA of 2020.

The world’s most popular online movie and TV series broadcast service Netflix sitting in the CEO seat, Ted Sarandos, to court the US state of Texas and the RTÜK’s controversial film, which decided to remove it from Netflix’s library in Turkey Cuties / Cuties argued. Speaking at MIPCOM Online +, Sarandos stated that he was surprised that the film caused such a big controversy and stated that the film was misunderstood by some Americans.

“It’s a little surprising that in 2020, we’re having a debate about censoring a storytelling in the US.” “This story and movie played at Sundance without any controversy and was a success,” said Sarandos. It was released in Europe without any discussion. ” He spoke in the form. According to Sarandos, the movie has a good story and Americans are extremely sensitive to the film.

Netflix goes to court in the USA for the Cuties

In the indictment published in the state of Texas on September 23, Netflix stated that “depicting a child under the age of 18, clothed or partially clothed, exhibiting his genitals or groin area; It was claimed that he deliberately published visual materials that had no serious literary, artistic, political or scientific value.

What happened?

It all started when Netflix released the first promotional poster for the movie Cuties. In the poster, girls aged 11-12 were seen performing a dance called twerk in a scene that was associated with sexuality. The poster in question quickly went viral and Netflix was bombarded with criticism. Netflix took the poster off the air following criticism, changed the description of the film on Netflix (!), And apologized for both the poster and the description.

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