Netflix broke a record in the US thanks to the Lupine series!


The new series “Lupine” on Netflix is ​​a hit in several countries, including the United States. Congratulations to Omar Sy!

The Lupine (Netflix) series with Omar Sy quickly rose to rank among the most viewed content on the platform in several countries.

Lupine, in the shadow of Arsene, is a French series that tells the story of a famous burglar, who conquered the whole world.

Released on Friday January 8 and worn by actor Omar Sy, Lupine quickly rose to number one among Netflix’s most viewed content in France, the Netherlands, Mexico and other countries.

But the craziest thing is that the trend has also spread to the United States. Indeed, it established itself in Netflix’s top 10 US content, before reaching number one on January 10. It is then followed by the series “The Chronicle of the Bridgertons” and the film “Spider-Man”.

It should be noted that no French prod has ever reached this position. This is something to make Omar Sy proud of, who hastened to share the news with his fans on the blue bird social network. So, the latter simply wrote “Thank you”, followed by a tied hands emoji and several Earth emojis.

So this is a success!


In this Netflix series, Omar Sy plays the role of Assane Diop. He is a professional con artist who takes inspiration from Arsene Lupine to steal from the rich and conduct his personal investigation into a member of his family.

His goal is therefore to avenge the death of his father, wrongly accused of stealing a necklace worth millions of euros. Through this literary character created by Maurice Leblanc in 1905, the series tackles societal subjects. Namely inequalities or racism for example.

For his assignments, Assane Diop tries to blend into the background with the uniforms of a maintenance worker or bicycle courier. In other words, “people who we see but don’t really watch,” the actor told Franceinfo. This is very deep!

The actor used this strong message to also promote the series. Disguised as a poster collector, Omar Sy, voted the second favorite male personality of the French, went to stick a poster of Lupine in a metro station in Paris.

In the video, we see passers-by who are sometimes indifferent, sometimes curious. In the caption of the video, the actor asks the question, “You saw the poster, but did you really watch who asked it?” Interesting!

The scene is the honey of social networks with already more than 162,000 “likes” and many retweets. Enough to confirm the success of “Lupine” and Omar Sy on Netflix. Wow!

Hopefully the show will change mentalities, as the actor hopes with all his heart. In any case, it seems to have gone very well. And this, all over the world. Just that ! To be continued !


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