Netflix: Big movies on the platform in 2021!


In this new year, Netflix will release new movies on the platform. Here are the ones that will be a hit in 2021!

After watching all the movies from Netflix, you are definitely looking forward to the next 2021 movies! Here are the ones that will be a hit!

Who says new year, necessarily says novelty on Netflix! Like every year, the platform adds new feature films that please viewers.

A good way for them to compensate for their lack of cinema due to the health crisis. The cinemas being closed, film lovers therefore find their happiness on Netflix!

And imagine that this year, there will be plenty of beautiful films! Starting with “Pieces of woman”, directed by Kornél Mundruzcó. It is then a very moving drama. With actors Vanessa Kirby and Shia LaBeouf.

This film therefore highlights Martha and Sean Carson who live in Boston. They are preparing to become parents when the young woman loses her baby, despite the presence of a midwife. The latter will therefore be prosecuted for negligence. Martha must then learn to mourn by attending her trial.


Then fans of Ralph Fiennes and Carey Mulligan will be delighted to see them in Simon Stone’s “The dig”. We are talking about a British historical drama. In this film soon to be broadcast on Netflix, a wealthy widow hires an archaeologist to unearth a burial on her property….

One day, they discover an ancient Saxon burial vessel … and a treasure that could turn the history of mankind upside down.

On February 5, 2021 on Netflix, you will also discover “Malcom and Marie”, by Sam Levinson. A black and white film that was shot in secret during the crisis and the confinement.

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We can’t wait to discover all these nuggets!


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