Netflix big loser of the Golden Globes 2020!


Last night was the Golden Globes ceremony. The best in TV and film was rewarded. But (almost) not Netflix.

The Golden Globes ceremony was held yesterday. Everyone expected an overwhelming victory from Netflix. The streaming platform led the dance of nominations. It had 34, which was more than any other studio.

Actor Ricky Gervais had noticed this in his introduction. “Everyone is watching Netflix. We should just give them all the prizes and go home, ”he said. However, that is not what happened. Only two titles stamped Netflix received Golden Globes. Laura Dern won the Best Actress in a Second Role award for Marriage Story. Olivia Coleman won the Best Actress award for The Crown.

While we of course expected these two titles to receive awards, we didn’t think they would be the only ones. Netflix had indeed put the odds on its side. Unexpectedly, The Irishman did not win a single prize. Martin Scorsese’s film was however named in five categories. They included that of Best Film and Best Director. So here’s a surprise!

Netflix only won two awards in the end. So it’s the same number as its direct competitors, Amazon and Hulu. The first saw Fleabag win the prize for the Best Comic Series, and its creator the prize for Best Actress. The second saw Patricia Arquette and Rami Youssef leave with the Golden Globes for Best Actress in a Second Role, and that of Best Actor.

The three streaming giants can at least be proud of having done better than Apple TV +. The new kid had three nominations for The Morning Show. However, he left empty-handed.


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