Netflix: beware, the Friends series will soon leave the platform!


Get ready to say goodbye to Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, Joey, Rachel and Ross … The programmers announced it recently and the hourglass brings us closer and closer to the end of Friends! A series that will be missed! On January 1st, the series will disappear from Netflix. Indeed, the contract with the platform will end on this date. Sad news for this end of the year …

Let’s be happy to have enjoyed another year to watch the 236 episodes of Friends. Thus, for the modest sum of $ 80 million Netflix had managed to extend the broadcasting contract. Moreover, the platform had already paid $ 100 million to offer us the 10 seasons! But all good things must end…

Do not panic ! If the sad news of Netflix has put you flat know that you can find the 6 friends very soon! Indeed, for the 25 years of the series, Friends arrives this time at the cinema! Thus, on December 6th, 12 episodes, the most popular elected ones, will be proposed in all movie theaters! And with the winter temperatures, what better than a good episode of your favorite series by eating popcorn?

And that’s not all ! Other good news, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the cast would be in full discussion with Warner Bros TV to meet on HBO Max. Also a fake trailer of Friends the film had been made … And even if the cast did not seem very enthusiastic about joining the band, fans do not lose hope. They always dream to find the 6 friends years later! Who said we needed Netflix to be happy?


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