Netflix are must-see movies for the family!


On Instagram, the Netflix streaming platform has just unveiled 13 films to see with the whole family. Check them out below.

Do you subscribe to all possible streaming platforms but don’t know what to watch? Rest assured, Netflix has just unveiled 13 movies to see with the family a few hours ago. It remains to be seen whether the films in question will attract you or not.

Because yes, the choices of the firm are not always approved. The majority agree with the advice of the streaming platform to be sure. However, that doesn’t mean that all clients approve of their ideas.

Therefore, the 13 films in question offered by Netflix are not said to put stars in everyone’s eyes. Although the first two proposed trilogies will no doubt be unanimously validated.

Indeed, the firm for example advised to remake an umpteenth time the trilogy of Back to the future. Who has not seen, reviewed, and reviewed the adventures of Marty McFly and the Doc in the future and the past? Almost no one.

Everyone once hoped to be in Michael J. Fox’s shoes and wanted to board the DeLorean in order to travel a few years in the past, or in the future. Well know that Netflix advises you to see the three films of the saga with your family.

Another trilogy is offered by the firm. On the other hand, this one turns out to be a lot less cheerful and it is not sure that small children can watch it. Because evil dinosaurs are present in the films in question.

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Netflix these must-see movies for the family on the platform!


You will no doubt understand that we are talking about Jurassic Park. Indeed, the saga of Steven Spielberg would be perfect to see with the family. But as we let you know, the films in question turn out to be quite violent.

This is why we do not recommend seeing them with your children if they are still very young. On the other hand, if you still want to see a feature film with them, maybe Netflix’s third proposition could convince you.

The streaming platform advising to see “Sauve qui peut: un film you vs wild”. Admittedly, once again, a few dangerous animals are there, but it will undoubtedly remain less violent than the previous trilogy.

For the rest, know that you can watch “Ohana or the hidden treasure”. But also “We are the heroes”, “The last airbender”, or “The masked wrestler”. But Netflix doesn’t stop there.

“My cat life” and “Full out” are the last two feature films recommended by the streaming platform. It remains to be seen whether the advice given by it will be followed by its millions of customers.


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