Netflix app will provide studio quality sound experience


Those who use the Netflix Android app will soon experience a better sound experience while watching their favorite TV shows and movies. With the latest update for the Android application, audio support in xHE-AAC format will be provided. This way, viewers will be able to hear “studio quality” sounds.

The new format provides a more variable bitrate. Thus, sound quality increases in environments with good connectivity. If the connection is low, the quality can be reduced. The sound management feature will prevent sudden sound changes in the content from disturbing users. In this way, sounds can be understood better even if headphones are not connected while watching TV series or movies on the phone.

In order to take advantage of this opportunity offered by Netflix, it is necessary to use Android 9 Pie or higher versions. It can be said that the new sound features will also be useful for those who like to watch something on their phone before going to sleep.

Netflix, which improves the sound quality in the Android application, seems to have not forgotten the iPhone and iPad owners. The company is said to also support Apple’s Spatial Voice technology.


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