Netflix announces the premiere of High Score


The docuserie features the participation of personalities such as Chales Martinet, voice of Super Mario Bros. Confirmed release date in Spain.

NETFLIX, the well-known platform for series and movies on demand, has announced High Score: The world of videogames, its new documentary series dedicated to the history of videogames will be released this August 19 in many countries, Spain included, with the participation of great personalities of the industry.

Six episodes of video game history

The production, a ‘docuseries’ of several episodes, will focus especially on the 1990s, a time that is considered in history books as one of the golden ages of interactive entertainment. In the absence of knowing if it will arrive dubbed into Spanish, at least it is confirmed that we can enjoy it with Spanish subtitles. “This docuseries tells the history of classic video games and presents the very visionaries who gave life to these worlds and their characters,” they comment in the synopsis of the series, which is already active on the NETFLIX platform.

The first trailer, which we leave attached to this news, serves as a preview of what we can find when the first episode is released. As we can see, there will be original graphic materials, appearances by great managers or developers of the time with testimonies, statements and reflections; All this with the aim of reliably exposing what that era was like and what made the 1990s a period of consolidation for the sector as we know it.

Regarding the release frequency of each episode, it should be said that the six chapters will be available from the release date, so those who plan to do a marathon can do so without any inconvenience. Thus, from Pac-Man through the launch of the NES or Mega Drive, the unforgettable battle between Nintendo and SEGA will once again be narrated with a more journalistic and informative aspect this time.

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