Netflix announces the arrival of Dawson


Good news for Dawson fans! Netflix announced yesterday, on social networks, the arrival of the flagship series of the 90s!

One of the greatest series of the 90s makes its triumphant comeback on Netflix. Last night, the video platform announced that it would be uploading the entire TV show.

As of next January, Dawson, Pacey, Joey and Jennifer are indeed back. The series, which was successful in the 1990s, is therefore making its comeback to the delight of fans, therefore.

The American series was very popular in the United States, but also in France. It was broadcast on TF1 for several years before disappearing from the screens.

The series recounted the tumultuous love stories of Dawson, Pacey, Joey and Jennifer in the imaginary coastal town of Capeside. In the cast, we find James Van Der Beek, but also Katie Holmes, Michelle Pfeiffer, Joshua Jackson and Kerr Smith, therefore.


On social media, early Dawson fans didn’t hesitate for a second to react to this announcement, then. The ad’s snapshot, posted on Netflix’s Instagram account, garnered no less than 58,000 Likes.

Internet users have therefore let their joy explode. “OMG, you just saved 2020. Thanks Netflix. Can’t wait to watch it all “,” This show is all my teenage years, when do I cry ??? “,” Best news before I go to bed, I cry with joy, Dawson Creeks forever “.

Reactions that say a lot, then. In France, the series aired from January 10, 1999 to November 8, 2003 on TF1 before being rebroadcast on cable a few years later.

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In the United States, Dawson aired for the first time, on January 20, 1998, and it had the right to six seasons, before withdrawing, on May 14, 2003, therefore.


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