Netflix announces Space Sweepers in 190 countries


Space Sweepers is the first Korean sci-fi blockbuster set in outer space, directed by Jo Sung Hee and starring famous actor Song Joong Ki, leading an all-star cast.

At first, its premiere had been announced for the month of September, however due to the suspension of many productions and premieres in the entertainment industry in South Korea due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it was scheduled for the month of December, but even that date was unconfirmed.

Faced with such a situation, a representative of the company in charge of distributing the film, Merry Christmas, recently announced: “The narration of Space Sweepers is based on the idea of ​​expansion through various content, such as serial films, derivative video content, as well as webtoon and games, “he explained.

“Taking into account the current situation with the Covid-19 pandemic, the fact that the boundaries between the existing content distribution environment and the digital one are being broken, and the fact that we can no longer postpone the launch, we chose Netflix as a way to better present Space Sweepers to national and global audiences. “

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