Netflix Announces Resolved Link Issue Reported Today


Netflix, the most preferred online series and movie platform in the world, has faced some interruption problems today. It was announced that the problem reported by the users from America and Europe was solved. In our country, some users also had connection problems and expressed on social media.

Netflix also got its share from the effects of the coronavirus epidemic that covers the whole world. Netflix users in the United States and Western Europe reported having access to the platform today. stating that there were problems between places in Turkey. Netflix said that the problem was solved in his statement.

It is known that Netflix and other online platforms are dealing with unprecedented intensity nowadays as millions of people work from home and quarantine at home. This can bring along many connectivity problems. A Netflix spokesperson made the explanation of the problem today. The US-based news website, Business Insider, said the cut took about an hour and the problem was resolved very quickly. Let’s add that despite the announcement, users continue to report problems via Twitter.

Many people have reported problems
Netflix users wrote to the interrupt monitoring website Downdetector via their Twitter account to report the access problem they experienced on the video streaming site. It did not take long to resolve the problem that more than 1600 people commented. “Some of our members from the United States and Western Europe were unable to use Netflix on our website for about an hour this morning,” he said. The problem is now fixed. We apologize to all our users for the inconvenience. ”

Although it is not known exactly what caused the problems reported by Netflix users, it seems to be a fact that it has been affected by the intensity of the recent days. While the effects of the coronavirus are continuing around the world and citizens are invited to stay at home in various countries, we will follow and see if such rupture problems will be repeated. If you experience such a problem in the following days, you can reach Netflix and ask for help in solving the problem. We will be here to convey new news from our country and the world.


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