Netflix Announces New Thriller K-drama Written by “Train to Busan”, Directed by “Hellbound”


Netflix has announced the upcoming Korean thriller “Bequeathed”, the script for which will be written by the director of “Trains to Busan” and “Hellbound” Yong Sang Ho.

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South Korean news agency Yonhap News Agency reported yesterday (October 18) that Netflix has decided to release a brand new series, the script and production of which was directed by Yong Sang Ho. The streaming platform also announced the casting of actors Kim Hyun Joo (“Trolleybus”, “Love in All Directions”) and Park Hee Sun (“Model Family”, “My Name”) for the main roles in “Bequeathed”. The platform has not yet shared details about the premiere date of the series on Netflix.

Although little is known about the plot of the upcoming drama, it is said that Kim plays the main character who faces several sinister incidents after inheriting a mountain from a distant relative. Park will play alongside Lee as a detective who investigates the secrets of this family. Other actors who played unnamed supporting roles include Park Byung-eun (“Alchemy of Souls”, “Eve”) and Ryu Kyung-soo (“The Tale of the Nine-Tailed”, “Glitch”).

In addition to Yong as a screenwriter, “Bequeathed” will be headed by director Min Hong Nam, who has worked with Yong as an assistant director on a number of his past projects, including “Train to Busan”, “Psychokinesis” and “Peninsula”.

As for other news about the dramas, last week, on October 12, it became known that Netflix is negotiating to broadcast the upcoming Korean blockbuster “Match” instead of a theatrical release, as previously planned. It is reported that this decision was due to the low attendance of the theater, despite the ease of restrictions of COVID-19.

The Match series stars Lee Byung Hong from Squid Game and Yu Ah Ying from Hellbound, and tells the story of two famous go (traditional Chinese board game) players set in the 80s and 90s. Cho Hoon Hyun (played by Lee) is a go champion who takes on a gifted but untrained student Lee Chang Ho (played by Yu).


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