Netflix Announces Employee Dismissal After Sensitive Data Leaks


Netflix: In a shared note last Friday (15), Netflix announced the dismissal of one of its collaborators for leaking confidential data to reporters. The employee was apparently motivated by the launch of Dave Chappelle’s controversial stand-up and, according to the platform, was linked to leadership positions in a strike movement at the company.

In recent weeks, Netflix has been suffering attacks on social networks, which accuse the streaming of passivity in relation to the comedy show Closing, starring artist Dave Chapelle. Among the main criticisms are considerations about transphobia and expressions that incite hatred towards social groups, which were supposedly the trigger that led one of the company’s employees to act against the confidentiality policies.

According to an article published by the website Bloomberg, the leaks made references to the million-dollar amounts invested in Closing and Sticks & Stones, both of Chapelle’s spectacles. In addition, there are mentions of the American special Inside, by Bo Burnham, and Round 6, the South Korean series that reached the top of the most watched productions on the platform of all time.

“We fired an employee for sharing confidential and sensitive business information outside the company,” said a spokesperson for Netflix. “We understand that this employee may have been motivated by disappointment and heartache with Netflix, but maintaining a culture of trust is critical to our company.” Currently, the company’s confidentiality treaty requires that all data be shared internally between departments, but prevents this information from being disclosed externally.

Employee riot

Sources at The Verge also revealed that the fired employee was linked to leadership positions in an alleged riot within the company, which includes the participation of several employees (including a software engineer identified as transgender) on a list calling for the exclusion of the stand. up comedy from the catalog. The move is expected to take place on October 20 (if it’s still standing).

The individual who started the wave of protests remains unidentified. For now, the stand-up Closing is still in the platform’s catalogue, since, according to CEO Ted Sarandos, the special “is just over the line in hate”.


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