Netflix announces ‘co-CEO’ & releases new audience data


Netflix announced more information regarding the audience for original series and films, as well as confirming an administrative change at the top of the company.

In general, the company is satisfied with the performance of the original content that debuted in the second half of 2020. One of the highlights was the series Eu Nunca .., already renewed for a second season. The first episodes of the comedy co-created by Mindy Kaling (Kelly from The Office) were seen in 40 million homes in just one month.

That was the same number reached by Space Force in the 30-day period. The political comedy with Steve Carell and John Malkovich has yet to be announced and has received a mixed reception from critics.

Just below the list of premieres is Jogo da Lava, with 37 million homes connected in the madness of the game show, according to the company’s projection. “Brincando com Fogo” reached 51 million households.

More data

Among feature films, the highlight is the action “Rescue”, with Chris Hemsworth. The film broke quarterly and original film records with 99 million viewers in one month.

Highlighting Blood, by Spike Lee, reached 27 million accounts, while the comedy A Missy Wrong was the record-breaking feature film of the period between the novelties, with 59 million viewers.

In the content most aimed at children, The Willoughby Brothers reached 38 million homes. Among productions from outside the United States, the highlight was the fourth season of La Casa de Papel, an absolute success that captured the attention of 65 million people around the world.

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The company also pointed out that content on racism and social justice gained popularity amid protests from the “Black Lives Matter”, including content such as The 13th Amendment and Cara Gente Branca.

New leadership

The company’s content manager, Ted Sarandos, is now the co-CEO of Netflix alongside the current CEO, Reed Hastings – an action that some vehicles see as a period of preparation for a possible succession a few years from now.

Sarandos will continue to manage the platform’s production strategy, which he helped transform into a huge, award-winning original production structure, and now sits on the board. He has been on Netflix since 2000 when the company worked only with DVDs.


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