Netflix announced: The Resident Evil series is coming!


Netflix, which is the first platform that comes to mind when it comes to TV series and movies, has been spoken for more than a year, planning to turn the Resident Evil series into a series. Netflix announced that the work for the Resident Evil series has started.

Netflix has rolled up its sleeves for the Resident Evil series!

According to Netflix, Resident Evil will tell a brand new story on two timelines. Details about the series are summarized as follows;

“In the first timeline, fourteen-year-old sisters Jade and Billie Wesker move to New Raccoon City. As time passes, these adolescents realize that the town they live in is not what it seems from the outside and that their father is keeping a dark secret; secrets that can destroy the world.

The second timeline will take place more than a decade later, with less than 15 million people staying in the world. There will be more than six billion monsters, as well as humans and animals infected with the T virus. As Jade, now thirty years old, struggles to survive in this New World, her secrets – about her sister, father, and herself – will continue to haunt her.

Netflix, which currently does not share any information about the actors, announced that its eight-episode first season will be brought to life by entertainer-writer Andrew Dabb (Supernatural) and director Bronwen Hughes (The Walking Dead).


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