Netflix and PlayStation Announce Short Film Unboxing Ibai


The first video preview anticipates crazy situations during a PlayStation 5 unpacking by Ibai Llanos. All the details.

Netflix and PlayStation have announced the premiere of a short film based on a PS5 unboxing on November 24. The platform for series and movies on demand will be the platform chosen for this audiovisual production directed by Jaume Balagueró, a Catalan director known for REC, and whose main protagonist is the content creator and professional broadcaster Ibai Llanos. Under the name of Unboxing Ibai, we already have the first details and a preview in the form of a video.

November 24, Netflix only: Unboxing Ibai

The short film Unboxing Ibai will be, broadly speaking, a live unboxing that the young influencer was doing through his Twitch channel. However, suddenly something unexpected happens, including moments of terror and a paranormal theme that will leave more than one stunned, not indifferent. We warn that in advance there are many screams, fire and walls that are decomposing.

The response to this event has been immediate on social networks. From Twitter, the main channel of distribution of the ad, announced on Monday afternoon, the name of Ibai Llanos and the hashtag #UnboxingIbai have become a trending topic throughout Spain.

This production, which has been kept secret for weeks, is pioneering and, in a way, innovative, as never before has a network like Netlifx teamed up with a video game giant to hold an event of this type. However, the true protagonist is not any of those mentioned above, but PlayStation 5, the console with which Sony will start its new generation this October 12.

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The way to promote PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition will go beyond bus canopies, television commercials and large billboards on buildings in major cities: PS5 will have a short film of a console unboxing with one of the most influential celebrities of today among the younger audience. On November 24, all Netflix subscribers will be able to watch the short; we will know more details soon.

PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition go on sale this November 12 (November 19 in Europe, Spain included) for a recommended price of 499 euros and 399 euros, respectively. The only difference between them is that the first has a disc reader, while the second does not, it bets on the digital format.


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