Netflix, American Education trailer: Fraud and Privilege


Netflix released the first trailer for American Education: Fraud and Privilege, a documentary about the US university admission scandal. The production, based on real conversations recorded by the FBI, will bring investigations into the scheme of the rich and famous to send their children to the best schools in the country.

The video highlights the dramatic tone of the 2019 coup, which quickly hit the news for showing the involvement of major Hollywood celebrities – like Lori Loughlin (Three Too Much) and Felicity Huffman (Desperate Housewives), actresses sentenced to prison. Check out!

Matthew Modine will play Rick Singer, mastermind of the criminal scheme. His illegal methods articulated allowing students to cheat on admission tests, building false profiles to defraud extracurricular activities and bribes from elite college employees.

“We help the wealthiest families in the United States get their children into school,” says Singer in the trailer. Another interviewee adds: “They had all the advantages, but they still cheated”.

American Education: Fraud and Privilege, developed by the creators of Fyre Festival: Fiasco in the Caribbean and The Mafia of Tigers, will arrive on the streaming service on March 17.


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