Netflix Allows Viewing Of Partially Downloaded Content


Netflix: Series, movies and other content partially downloaded on Netflix may be watched by subscribers before the download ends. The novelty was announced by the streaming service this Monday (28) and comes first to Android phones and tablets.

Previously, the platform only allowed access to content to view offline after the download was completed. Thus, problems such as exhausted data plan and failures in the Wi-Fi connection, among others, which made it impossible to complete the process, blocked the view of half-downloaded media.

“Whether it’s a long ride or a longer ride, downloaded series and movies can make any time on the go more fun. So we know the disappointment when you realize the download was never completed,” commented vice president of product innovation at Netflix, Keela Robinson.

With the arrival of the partial download to the service, it will be possible to watch the content up to the part where the transfer of files was interrupted. And when you regain internet access, the app will ask the user if he wants to finish the download, instead of restarting the process automatically.

iOS will receive functionality soon

Netflix’s partial download arrives first on Android, being available to those who have version 7.64 or higher of the app. The resource can be found in the “Download” tab of the platform, where you can follow the transfer progress, and in the “Continue Watching” section.

According to Robinson, the functionality will also make its way to iOS, with testing scheduled to begin on Apple’s system in the coming months. However, the Executive did not say exactly when the owners of iPhones and iPads will have access to the news.

The ability to watch movies and series offline on Netflix was offered in 2016. Since then, the feature has gained several improvements, including automatic downloading of titles suggested by the service’s algorithm, launched earlier this year.


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