Netflix Agenda: The Crown season 4 and 17 more titles


Hey, we’ll meet again! As always, every Friday, the Netflix Agenda comes with all the premieres of series and movies of the week on Netflix streaming so you know what to watch!

This week, we highlight the premiere of the 4th season of The Crown, the original Netflix series that tracks the lives of members of the British royal family, as well as those of England’s political and historical characters.

It is also worth mentioning the debut of the new Spanish series from Netflix, The Favorites of Midas, which promises to bring a lot of mystery to subscribers. The 4th season of the series O Chefinho – Back to Business and the film Rosa e Momo also attract attention.

Check below the complete list of news on the platform. Titles and dates may change by the company.

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Netflix Agenda November 13-19

Today’s premieres (13)
(2020) Midas Favorites (original Spanish series)
(2020) Rosa and Momo (original film)
(2020) A Christmas Invention (original musical)

New series and movies on Netflix

(2020) Kevin Hart: Zero F ** ks Given (original stand-up) (11/17)
(2018) The Adventures of Poliana (11/18)
(2017) Marshall: Equality and Justice (11/15)
(2020) The Club of Magic Things (11/15)
(2016) The Sleep of Death (11/15)
(2016) Back Door: Lifetime Contract (11/15)
(2017) Storm: Raging Planet (11/15)
(2020) The Crown: Season 4 (original series) (11/15)
(2019) In the Ballad of Love (11/16)
(2020) Unbelievable Esporte Clube (original) (11/17)
(2020) O Chefinho – Back to Business: Season 4 (original series) (17/11)
(2020) Casa Pronta para Natal (original reality show) (11/18)
(2018) Here Comes the Grump (11/18)
(2020) The Princess and the Plebeian – New Adventure (original film) (11/19)

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Titles that return to Netflix

(2006) She dances, I dance (11/15)


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