Netflix agenda: Ratched series and Enola Holmes


Having questions about what to watch on Netflix today? So, stay here, because it’s time to find out which series and movies will premiere on Netflix this week!

This time, the highlight is the premiere of the 1st season of Ratched, a series with actress Sarah Paulson, star of the horror series American Horror Story. The release tells the story of the nurse seen in the classic film A Stranger in the Nest.

Another major premiere of the week is the film Enola Holmes, which features Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things) and Henry Cavill (The Witcher) in the cast. The production is about Sherlock Holmes’ detective sister and promises to be a huge hit among subscribers!

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Check below the complete list of news on the platform. Titles and dates may change by the company.

To find out what’s next, see what’s coming in September on Netflix!

Netflix Agenda September 18-24
New series and movies on Netflix
(2020) AA do Amor (original film) (18/09)

(2020) Champions of Barbecue (original series) (18/09)

(2020) Dolly Kitty and the stars (original Indian film) (18/09)

(2020) Jurassic World: Jurassic Camp (original animation) (18/09)

(2013) The Man, the Wife and the Gangster – The Return (18/09)

(2020) Little Mighty Bheem: season 3 (original animation) (18/09)

(2020) Ratched (original series) (18/09)

(2019) Supergirl: season 5 (19/09)

(2018) Pope Francis: A Man of His Word (21/09)

(2020) A Song for Latasha (original film) (9/21)

(2020) Chico Bon Bon – O Macaquinho Faz-Tudo: 3rd season (original children’s series) (22/09)

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(2020) Adventure Express (original children’s) (09/22)

(2020) Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father: season 4 (original series) (22/09)

(2017) Lady Bird – Time to Fly (09/22)

(2020) Fertile Soil (09/22)

(2020) The Playbook: Strategies to Win (original series) (09/22)

(2017) Phantom Plot (09/22)

(2020) Enola Holmes (original film) (23/09)

(2020) The Chef Show: Season 4 (original series) (24/09)

(2018) Truth or Dare (24/09)


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