Netflix Agenda: Christmas Chronicles Premiere


If you are in doubt about what to watch on Netflix this next week, you can already celebrate, as the Netflix Agenda has arrived to show you the main releases of series and movies that come to streaming starting today (20)!

This time, the highlights are for the Christmas series and movies, which start taking over Netflix as we approach the date. Among them, we highlight the premiere of the film Christmas Chronicles: Part Two.

The premieres of the 2nd season of Mars, the documentary Shawn Mendes: In Wonder and the 2nd season of the anime Great Pretender are also great news.


Check below the complete list of news on the platform. Titles and dates may change by the company.

See also what arrived on Netflix last week: The Crown season 4 premiere and 17 more titles.

To find out what’s next, see what’s coming up on November on Netflix!

Netflix Agenda November 20-26

Today’s premieres (20)                                                                                                  (2020) The Origin of the Flavor: season 3 (original series)
(2020) Imperfect Match (original Indian series)
(2020) The X of Christmas (original film)
(2020) Sankofa – The Africa That Inhabits You
(2020) If Something Happens … I Love You (original film)
(2019) Without Your Blood
(2020) Voices of Fire: New Voices of the Gospel (original reality show)

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New series and movies on Netflix

(2017) Divorce (11/22)
(2020) Christmas with Dolly Parton (original film) (11/22)
(2018) Strange Presence (11/23)
(2018) Mars: season 2 (11/23)
(2020) Shawn Mendes: In Wonder (original documentary) (11/23)
(2017) Strongest Deliveryman (11/23)
(2020) Creatures (original children’s) (24/11)
(2020) Dragons: Rescue Team: Party Day at Huttsgalor (original special) (11/24)
(2020) Once upon a time (original film) (11/24)
(2020) Tomy’s Notebook (original film) (11/24)
(2020) Christmas Chronicles: Part Two (original film) (11/25)
(2020) Great Pretender: Season 2 (original anime) (11/25)
(2020) Tuned in Love (11/25)
(2020) Mosul (original film) (11/26)
(2017) Thoroughbred (26/11)
Titles that return to Netflix
(2012) Smuggling (11/22)
(2011) Maid of Honor Mission (11/22)
(2010) Scott Pilgrim against the world (11/22)


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