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Netflix Ajandası: Dışarıda ve akışta haftanın 35 haberi Netflix Brasil offers 36 novelties, between premieres and returns to the catalog, in the week between September 4th and 10th.

Among the highlights are the new original science fiction series Away and the feature film The Babysitter: Queen of Death. As a result, two years after defeating a satanic sect led by his nanny, Cole is now only concerned with surviving school life. But when his old enemies return, he must prove again that he is smarter than the inconvenient forces of evil.

Below is the list of news for the week. To find out what has arrived in the last days, check out: Cobra Kai and 41 more titles arrive in streaming

Netflix Calendar September 4th to 10th

Day 4
Away (2020) – original series
Borgen (2010) – original series
Captain Courage (1996)
Flood – The Wrath of a River (1998)
I’m Thinking About Ending It All (2020) – original movie
The Ghost of Canterville (1996)
Inhabitants of the Sea (1999)
Kandasamys: The Wedding (2019)
The Lost Okoroshi (2019)
Spirit – Cavalgando Livre: Riding Academy: 2nd season (2020) – original series
Returns to the catalog
Demon (2010)
Somewhere in the Past (1980)
In Search of the Enchanted Valley (1988)
Frankenstein and the Little Pests (1999)
Curious George (2006)
State Intrigues (2009)
Johnny English (2003)
Pride and Prejudice (2005)
Johnny English Returns (2011)
Surfing in Hawaii (1987)
Elite Squad (2007)
The Last Temptation of Christ (1988)
One Million Ways to Pick Up the Pistol (2014)
Day 7
Annabelle 2: The Creation of Evil (2017)
Catwalk of Dreams (2020) – original series
Professor Polvo (2020) – original documentary
Day 8
#Alive (2020) – original Korean film
The Luggage (2020)
Fifty Shades of Freedom (2018)
The Post – The Secret War (2017)
StarBeam: 2nd season (2020) – original series
Day 9
The Network Dilemma (2020) – original documentary
The Home Edit – The Art of Organizing (2020) – original series
Lindinhas (2020) – original film
Tension Line (2020) – original Spanish series
Much Love to Give (2020) – original Argentine film
10th day
The Nanny: Queen of Death (2020) – original film
The Impossible (2012)
Julie and the Ghosts (2020) – original series
Memories of Idhún (2020) – original Spanish anime
The Secret of the Temple: Season 2 (2020) – original Turkish series

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