Netflix Acquires Rights To Complete Work From Author Roald Dahl


Netflix announced the purchase of the complete work of Roald Dahl, author of successful children’s books. With this, the streaming has the rights to create products and adaptations of several famous stories, such as The Fantastic Chocolate Factory, Matilda, The Witches, The Fantastic Mr Fox, James and the Giant Peach, among others.

In this case, the platform bought the Roald Dahl Story Company (RDSC) — the company responsible for controlling the rights to the works of the British author. The idea is to develop a kind of franchise based on the unification of the original universe of literature.

“This is a joining of forces to bring some of the most beloved stories in the world to current and future fans. As we bring these timeless tales to more audiences in new formats, we’re committed to maintaining their unique spirit and universal themes — while also having creative freedom,” said Netflix in a statement released by CNN.

Remember that some attractions based on the original work are already under development through streaming. Among these cases are a musical film by Matilda and an animated series of The Fantastic Chocolate Factory.

“These projects opened our eyes to a much more ambitious undertaking — creating a unique universe through films and series, both animation and live-action, publishing, games, immersive experiences, theater, consumer products and more.” completed.

A stronger Netflix in the streaming war

The acquisition of Dahl’s work represents a considerable strengthening of the platform, increasing public interest in his catalogue. Given the competition with other streamings, having a library with its own titles based on works known by the public is a greater guarantee in the search for subscribers.

In addition, when purchasing the author’s entire collection, Netflix also prevents adaptations of the work by other studios. Such children’s stories have had several productions over the years, and the last release in the hands of another producer will be Wonka, a Warner prelude film centered on the iconic character played by Timothée Chalamet — scheduled for 2023.


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