Netflix: 3 things to know about “The One” event!


Once again Netflix is ​​doing very well. And for good reason, the series “The one” is then a hit. Here is a Top 3 of what to know.

The Netflix series are very successful. It’s up to “The one” to be a hit. Here is a Top 3 of what you need to know about the new program.

In recent times, Netflix is ​​getting it right. The online streaming platform continues to hit the nail on the head. And for good reason, his subscribers then seem in heaven. Not bad !

It must be said that the big competitor of Amazon Prime video tries to please its loyal followers. So everyone can find what they are looking for on the platform.

Indeed, between romance, action or even suspense, Netflix then offers a very rich catalog. What to delight its subscribers then.

In fact, many series land on it. With The Chronicle of the Bridgertons, The Winx Saga and Ginny and Georgia, Netflix continues to renew itself. Very cool !

In short, the streaming giant seems to have it all figured out. So he doesn’t plan on stopping on such a good momentum. “The One” therefore makes its appearance. The series then puts everyone in agreement.

Many subscribers have already gone down in history. And then they seem seduced. Here is a Top 3 takeaways from the new Netflix series.


On March 12, “The One” landed on Netflix. And since then, it’s been a box office for the series. Thus, the program maintains its place of number 1.

The series explains how scientists are using DNA research to help people find love. Thus, the comparison with Black Mirror seems inevitable.

By the way, here’s a Top 3 of what Netflix viewers absolutely need to know. Something to interest fans of the series then.

At first, “The one” is actually an adaptation of a novel. Written by John Marrs, Soulmates then inspired the series. And it could be that the book peaks in sales after this great success. Eh yes !

Then, the creator of “The one” is the one behind “Misfits”. Howard Overman therefore continues the successes. Impressive!

Its previous program then followed the stories of five young adults sentenced to community service. After being struck by lightning, they then discovered their superpowers.

Finally, some scientists really believe in the concept of the Netflix series. Indeed, many dating apps are based on DNA.

Pheramor, DNA Romance and even a Harvard university project are working on this concept. They then try to match people based on genetics.

So even if Netflix pushes the idea towards the impossible, it could be that this concept will appeal to many viewers. To be continued.


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